Xbox 360: The Preorder

Well I finally bit the bullet today a plunked $50 down on my Xbox 360.  Now that may not be really big news to anyone who knows me or reads my blog, bu the reason why a chose to now might be.  Upon doing my normal cruising for XBOX and video game related news, two stories, one on XBOX365 and one on GameSpot got me to run out during lunchtime at work and do the deed.  You see the latest rumor/news is that EB Games and GameStop stores have been on the verge of stopping to take preorders for the 360 on the premise that Microsoft may not be able to fill the initial pre-order demand.  So I decided to be ‘safe’ and put my money down now.  At the EB I preordered from they said that I was about the 15 preorder, the most in our city.  I am feeling confident that I will be OK.
Upon picking up the preorder there was a stack of coupons for $10 off a 360 launch title when you picked up the console.  Of course I grabbed one (the limit), on the reverse side it said the following:
“Dear Customer, Thank yo for pre-ordering the XBOX 360!  This pre-order will ensure that you recieve a call from the store in SEQUENTIAL order based on AVAILABILITY of the unit.  This does NOT guarentee that we will have a unit available for you at launch date as at this time, total quantity to be recieved, retail and timing are not known.  You have shown great forsight in preordering this highly anticipated video console from Microsoft.  We are pleased to offer you a special discount on the purchase of your first game.  Enjoy!”
Ouch!  Those are not exactly words of encouagement, but here is my take on the whole thing.  Microsoft will do all in its power to meet and exceed the demand for the 360.  In this next-gen console war, one cannot risk alienating its user base by not meeting its demands.  This is also not the first time that we have scene shortage scares only to have plenty of units on the shelf (N64 anyone).  Pre-orders provide these video game stores a lot moola without putting anything out but a receipt.  Makes you wonder what they do with our cash, and with a minimum of $50 a pop down, that is not chump change.
In the end I am not to worried, it is like I said better to be safe than sorry.  Because if I am not the first guy on my block with a 360 I will lose it!  To quote the group Len: “I’m like Mr.T when I’m freakin’ mad!”


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2 Responses to Xbox 360: The Preorder

  1. Aaron says:

    Well like i said a month ago its not to early to preorder ur 360 . The N64 definitly had a shortage , it took a month and a half to get mine after launch (without preorder). The PS2 launch had everyone going crazy with the scare of shortage, but it seemed they met the demand of all preorders and im sure PS2 had way more than the 360 will. I say that just out of the truth not that i have any love for Sony u know that SG. And like you said im sure MS will do all it can to the the demand . U dont have a console launch and only meet half the demand on day.With mine aready being preordered im still going to go to Toys R Us and preorder one there they never have a big turn out in my area, everone goes to EBgames. All in All Ghost I know both of us will be layin the smacketh downeth on launch day. Now we just need to convince the rest of our friends to get a move and preorder soon. Now its all about launch games whats going to be the system seller ?????????????????????????????

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    I pre-ordered mine last week at EB, but I never got a coupon!! They are idiots at my store though. I would maybe consider getting a pre-order elsewhere, but I like EB’s product service plan, so if something goes wrong you can exchange it. Lets hope there is 360’s for everyone that matters ie. myself, SG, Torment, Cru, Coktoe, Hive, etc.

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