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In Remembrance of Xbox Originals

Back in December of 2007 Microsoft began delivery of ‘full length’ titles over their Xbox LIVE service with Xbox Originals.  Now, just a mere eighteen months later at E3 2009, Microsoft has announced that they are abandoning their Xbox Originals … Continue reading

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Dead Space Trilogy

I have had an interest in Dead Space for some time now, but due to a plethora of games this past Fall I let the game slide.  Recently there has been a lull in new releases so I decided that … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished (Again): Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

I recently repurchased Call of Duty 4 as I had to sacrifice my original to purchase Resident Evil 5.  With all the hype at E3 regarding the game’s sequel, Modern Warfare 2, I thought now would be a good time … Continue reading

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  Its funny, out of all the things that could and did capture my imagination at E3 I did not think that Tony Hawk: Ride would have stuck with me the most.  I remember when I first heard about a … Continue reading

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Bargain Bin: Raiden Fighters Aces & Condemned 2

I have been away from my blog post over the last few weeks, and being in the middle of my personal X-mas (E3) I really should be more focused on those events.  Instead I am going to talk about a … Continue reading

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