Dead Space Trilogy

dead_spaceI have had an interest in Dead Space for some time now, but due to a plethora of games this past Fall I let the game slide.  Recently there has been a lull in new releases so I decided that it was a good time to invest in Dead Space.

Even though I purchased the game I was not yet ready to play.  Dead Space was set up as a multi-media trilogy.  The first part was the graphic novel, the second an animated movie, and finally the story arc would close out in the game.  So as I am anxious to play the game I spent Monday evening completing the graphic novel.  Its story involves the discovery of a ‘Marker’ on a far-off mining world and the chaos that ensues.  Secondly the motion picture, Dead Space: Downfall, follows the recovery said object and its transport to the mining ship, Ishimura.  Now I want to find out what happens next, for that it will be game time!

So I have herd a lot of good things about the game, but I want to see for myself.  But after watching that movie, I may need to play this game with the lights on!

EA : Dead Space : Age Gate



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2 Responses to Dead Space Trilogy

  1. Aaron says:

    Its about damn time ….and dont play on easy , that would be yag….

  2. IAN says:

    Ya know I think ya might be onto something with playing this game. I played the demo but didn’t really like the game, but as my experience has shown, a demo doesnt always do the actually game justice, but in regards to getting into the universe before starting the game, that makes sence. The thing is I do this with most games anyway, for example if I buy a WWII game, I usually will watch band of brothers before hand to get me in the mood. I think I may follow your method and read the book, watch the movie and then attempt the game, cheers.

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