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OnLive: Batman Begins in Arkham Asylum

Back to the bat-cave via the cloud… Last week OnLive had a special promotion for charity where if they got enough ‘Likes’ of their Facebook page they would offer Batman: Arkham Asylum: GoTY Edition for a mere 99 cents!  I … Continue reading

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent is Free Today via OnLive

My first full OnLive game! I originally purchased this game on Steam some time back during one of their sales.  I dabbled in it momentarily, thought it to be pretty cool, and then never got back to it.  Today over … Continue reading

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Live on OnLive

Is the future in the clouds? I have never considered OnLive for anything.  After all I am already heavily invested in the Xbox 360 and happily so.  So why would I consider it?  Especially the uncertainty of a cloud-based gaming … Continue reading

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