Amnesia: The Dark Descent is Free Today via OnLive

My first full OnLive game!


I originally purchased this game on Steam some time back during one of their sales.  I dabbled in it momentarily, thought it to be pretty cool, and then never got back to it.  Today over the OnLive Fans Forum it was announced that Amnesia: The Dark Descent would be offered or free, for 24 hours, with the use of a promotional code which can be found in the above link.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to dust off my OnLive service and give it a try.


One thing for certain, if I am going to play the game I will certainly need to hard-wire my internet connection.  Playing wirelessly the controls definitely feel floaty.  At least this way I can get in a full game experience, at no cost, and really give the service a workout.  Who knows, if it turns out all right, I may have to put some real cash into it sometime.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent




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