OnLive: Batman Begins in Arkham Asylum

Back to the bat-cave via the cloud…


Last week OnLive had a special promotion for charity where if they got enough ‘Likes’ of their Facebook page they would offer Batman: Arkham Asylum: GoTY Edition for a mere 99 cents!  I thought finally I would have a game where I really could put OnLive through its paces and see how a graphical and gameplay powerhouse would fare for me in Saskatchewan.  I plugged in the Ethernet cable, launched my OnLive service, and started my game of Arkham Asylum.


As I live just on the outside edge of the Chicago Data Centre (the purple circle) I did not expect too much in the way of performance.  I was pleasantly surprised though, Batman was exceedingly playable with little to no hit in the control lag or visuals.  I tended to play outside of peak times so that could potentially cause a hit on performance.

As for Batman: AA, it is a great game.  I completed the game on the 360 so I am well familiar with the game, even if I had not played it for a couple of years.  Playing recently though I found myself once again immersed in its fantastic gameplay and fantastic graphics.  It has actually got me excited for the upcoming sequel, Arkham City.

Playing Batman on OnLive has me excited for the prospect that OnLive is a viable console and offers unique games and rental options that other consoles do not offer.  I suspect I will continue to dabble with the service since the Xbox 360 is my main source of video game entertainment, but it is good to know that gaming can exist in the cloud.

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