Live on OnLive

Is the future in the clouds?


I have never considered OnLive for anything.  After all I am already heavily invested in the Xbox 360 and happily so.  So why would I consider it?  Especially the uncertainty of a cloud-based gaming system.  I like to have that game-box in my hand after I pick it up from the store after a cold drive.  After discovering you could get the Micro Console and Metro 2033 for free with a pre-order of Homefront I became interested, even aware, of OnLive seriously for the first time.  At the time of writing this I am unsure if the deal is eligible in Canada, but the damage was already done and I have signed up for an account with OnLive.


Last night I created an account for OnLive on my PC and took it for a spin.  It actually is a pretty cool little system.  There is a subscription service for unlimited play of dozens of games, many of which are top-flight, yet older, games.  Instead of buying a game outright you can sample it via a demo or a 3-5 day pass so your commitment to a game really is as much as you want it to be and is instantly accessible. 

My favourite feature is the Arena, where you can instantly jump in and watch another gamer on the service playing a game!  hen the Xbox 360 first was coming on the scene that was a feature that was discussed, implemented in a few cases, then kind of disappeared.  You can also create tour own Brag Clips for your friends to check out.

OnLive will not replace my Xbox 360, but I see that it will supplement it, allowing me to access games I normally would not the 360.  The future may be in the clouds, but the present is still firmly planted on the ground…but it doesn’t mean I wont go for a flight from time to time! 

My OnLive tag is SUPERGHOST (of course).  Come and find/friend me!

(Edit: I may need to wire-up my laptop as the wireless connection seemed to have its share of latency. A neat technology for certain, but I will reserve judgement and my cash until I can be certain it is viable)

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