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X-Press #8: The Midsummer Classic

Been awhile coming but I am back for another Xpression of Xbox related insight.  Between vacation and working up a storm at News0r (shameless plug) my Blog doesn’t always get the luv it deserves.  But I am here now so … Continue reading

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X-Press #7: The Hot Coffee Edition (AO)

Well it is time once again to visit this week in Xbox-ville.  I will be your host for the next couple of minutes, so sit back, relax, grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sights and sound of … Continue reading

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X-Press #6: The Blogtacular Down-Lo

Well here we go again! It is time to break down what’s been going down on my side of Xbox–dom with my regualar X-Pressions on life, liberty, and the pursuit of Xbox gameage.  So without anymore (undue) fanfare, let us see what has caught my … Continue reading

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X-Press #5: The Green Album

Once again it is time to X-Press myself on the goings on in the land of XBOX.  We are in the early days of summer and one can see the game makers almost going into a heat-induced hibernation as the … Continue reading

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X-Press #4: SG’s Xcellent Adventure

Once again it is time to grace one and all with some of my thoughts and impressions from the last few weeks in XBOX gaming.  Don’t read to much into the above title, i just could not think of anything … Continue reading

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X-Press #3: What’s in a Game

A few things have caught my eye this week and I thought I would share them with you: We are just a couple of days shy of the floodgates being blown wide open on the 360.  Anticipation runs wild! XBOX365 … Continue reading

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X-Press #2: The XBOX Top Ten!

With the release of Forza Motorsport and the impending release of the XBOX 360 I can see that the green ‘X’ monster’s time is nearly at hand.  But what a ride!  The XBOX has produced the most entertaiment value of … Continue reading

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X-Press #1: XBOX Observations

As May approaches I thought I would make some observations from the world of XBOX: Who is not totally jacked for the new XBOX?  Counting down to May 12th reveal! I know the name 360 has already grown on you. New … Continue reading

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