X-Press #4: SG’s Xcellent Adventure

Once again it is time to grace one and all with some of my thoughts and impressions from the last few weeks in XBOX gaming.  Don’t read to much into the above title, i just could not think of anything better.  Here we are, here we go, UFO:

  • And speaking of which, I am really hoping to get my hands on Destroy All Humans.  I have always been a fan of extra terrestrials and UFO.  X-Com: UFO Defence (PC, PS1) was a great tactical game taking on an alien invasion, now its time for the EBE to get some payback!
  • Again I have to speak on the bitter-sweetness of Oddworld: Strangers Wrath.  An absolute beutiful game and world to play in.  Too bad it looks like it will be the last Oddworld game.  Lets hope that the franchise can survive in some form or another.
  • Conker: L&R’s multiplayer looks to be shaping up to be a real winner
  • Is Forza quickly becoming Borza?  PGR2 = FUN (imo)
  • Xbox 360:  No credit card required for LIVE!
  • …5 looong months of waiting for 360
  • Dead or Alive: Ultimate is cooler than the other side of the pillow
  • Who says Microsoft is not an exciting place to be!
  • It is going to be Clancy’s house this fall:  Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike, Rainbow Six: Lockdown on the Xbox, and finaly Ghost Recon 3 on the 360
  • Pirates is lookin’ pretty tight!

…been a slow few weeks.  Buisness is going to be picking up real soon!



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1 Response to X-Press #4: SG’s Xcellent Adventure

  1. Aaron says:

    dude coktoe looks just how he sounds , great pics

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