X-Press #8: The Midsummer Classic

Been awhile coming but I am back for another Xpression of Xbox related insight.  Between vacation and working up a storm at News0r (shameless plug) my Blog doesn’t always get the luv it deserves.  But I am here now so lets shoot from the hip and see what sticks:
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 is still the apple of my eye on the 360.  Check out the GTV trailer presently avalable.  We also have a new contender on the block…
  • Ridge Racer 6 has just been annonced for launch alongside the XBOX 360.  It will be very interesting to see what Namco brings to the table!
  • As I read the weekly updates over at Bungie.net, I cannot get over this continuous battle they have with cheaters.  Cheaters were one of the major reasons that I stopped playing Halo 2. I applaud there efforts to keep the community fair and wish them the best.  It sadens me that so many people want to ruin others experiences.
  • It is now less than 3 months to the 360’s release!  Though it is painstakingly slow, at the same time it is creeping up fast!  What a month november will be!
  • Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike is the best GR yet!  I have been having a real blast since I picked this one up, hoping that it can carry me all the way too Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. If you are not sure you want to pick this up, let me tell you, it is well worth it!
  • I still often think of the greatness of Gears of War!
  • Looking forward to official announcements on price and launch games for the 360.  Never to early to plan and scheme. lol
  • Phantasy Star Online has jumped back into my life!  An addictive and fun experience that is so hard to put down. “just one more room, just one more creature!”  You will say that to yourself all night.  The only downside is that there is still amonthly fee.  If it wasn’t for that, that game would never leave my rotation.

Well that will wrap it up for this week!  The rest of the month looks slow for new games, but who knows what news will be revealed.  Stay tuned here and at News0r for all the latest!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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3 Responses to X-Press #8: The Midsummer Classic

  1. Nicky says:

    great info! LOVE YOUR SPACE! I dont see anything about Final Fantasy tho… *wink Soon it will be on Xbox, YAY. heheenjoy the rest of the weekend, keep up the great work here Nicky

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    I hope the 360 price is released soon, i want to know how much it is going to cost me!

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