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SG’s XBLA Challenge Round 2: Dig Dug

Welcome to Round 2 of SUPERGHOST’s Xbox Live Arcade High-Score Challenge!  Time to blow up your high-score real good with a little Dig Dug action!  I myself just picked up the game yesterday So I am looking forward to giveing it … Continue reading

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SG’s XBLA Challange: PAC-MAN Complete

Well two weeks later and we have had some heated action from PAC-MAN in the arcade!    COKTOE 360 took the challenge to heart and beat his best score by a solid 20,000 points to end up with a final … Continue reading

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360 X-Press: Wheeling in the New Year Edition

Every time I have been in a store since this wheel was released late last year I have seen it sitting on the shelf.  Now this weekend when I decided I wanted to go out and buy the thing they … Continue reading

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SEGA Rally Revo Screenshots

  The 360 is not missing much, but it is missing a quality rally / off-road racing title.  SEGA Rally is one of the most venerable rally racing franchises on the planet, and it is heading to the 360.  While … Continue reading

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Now for me this is some of the hottest news to come along for video games in a long time!  Here is what TeamXBOX has reported on the potential for Zootfly’s Ghostbusters and its appearence on the 360: Over the … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST’s XBLA High-Score Challenge: PAC-MAN

I would like to invite one and all to my new regular feature here at the Haunted House, welcome to SUPERGHOST’s Xbox Live Arcade High-Score Challenge! What’s it all about?  Well earlier today I was chatting to COKTOE 360 about … Continue reading

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Worms: Defeat

Worms: Defeat I personaly consider us 360 owners to be quite lucky as we will be able to purchase a 2-D Worms title from Xbox Live Arcade!  The new title, Worms: Defeat, will be wiggling its way out very soon.  Worms was … Continue reading

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Achievement Spotlight: First of 2007 Edition

Completed Act 1 on InsaneComplete Act 1 on Insane Difficulty Gamerscore = 30 What better a way to bring in the new year than by playing Gears of War on co-op! (Well I guess being at a party with all … Continue reading

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