SG’s XBLA Challange: PAC-MAN Complete

Well two weeks later and we have had some heated action from PAC-MAN in the arcade! 
  • COKTOE 360 took the challenge to heart and beat his best score by a solid 20,000 points to end up with a final score of 58,960!!!
  • I managed to make some incrimental forward steps and improve my score to 38,100!
  • TormentX made some good moves as well and finished up with an improved score of 32,700!

Most importantly I think an overall increased appriciation for PAC-MAN was had by those that took part, I even managed to secure my last achievement for the game while taking part in the competition.  Check back tommorow For Round 2 in the XBLA Challenge!



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1 Response to SG’s XBLA Challange: PAC-MAN Complete

  1. Sean R. says:

    Cool stuff.  Can’t wait to see what the next challenge is. 

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