Worms: Defeat


Worms: Defeat

I personaly consider us 360 owners to be quite lucky as we will be able to purchase a 2-D Worms title from Xbox Live Arcade!  The new title, Worms: Defeat, will be wiggling its way out very soon.  Worms was a huge hit with myself and my friends and family back in the 90’s.  We would have some great and heated battles with our worm soldiers.  Unfortunatly no iteration of the franchise since for me has had the impact of the 2-D original, but I have high hopes that this will be the turning point in the franchise.  Check out this gameplay vid and see for yourself, then prepare for battle!




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5 Responses to Worms: Defeat

  1. Sean R. says:

    Happy New Year and all the best.  Have a great 2007!!  I can’t wait to play Worms.  One of my favourite games of all time.

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    I can’t wait…it will be the only worms game you will ever need. Hopefully the online will be solid!!

  3. Aaron says:

    WORMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   cant wait

  4. Adam W says:

    Worms?  where the hell was i when this came out.  It seems like everyone has played it but me.

  5. I says:

    I admire anyone that can play Worms…I just don’t get it. lol

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