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SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: The Walking Dead – Season 2

The zombies keep on a coming! Fright Week is quickly becoming Zombie Week.  Reminds me of when back in the day on my blog when I used to do Zombie Action News.  Zombie Action News eventually morphed into Scare Tactics, … Continue reading

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ZuNetflix: Featuring “Blood Into Wine”

When gaming on your Xbox 360 is not enough… Writing a Xbox 360 blog certainly is a moving target.  What started out as an ‘All Xbox, All Xbox 360, All the Time’ blog has slowly transitioned into other Xbox-related areas … Continue reading

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Purely Pwned

On one of my frequented websites, (Edit: Noe – PB 9-4-11), I came accross this video of FPS Doug, one of the characters on a web video serial from Pure Pwnage.  Now I could give one of my … Continue reading

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Dead or Alive: The Movie

I know that I have been on a real Dead or Alive kick as of late, and you may be tiring of that subject, this is a little different.  The film version of Dead or Alive recently went to production.  … Continue reading

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