ZuNetflix: Featuring “Blood Into Wine”

When gaming on your Xbox 360 is not enough…


Writing a Xbox 360 blog certainly is a moving target.  What started out as an ‘All Xbox, All Xbox 360, All the Time’ blog has slowly transitioned into other Xbox-related areas such as the PC, Zune, Retro gaming, etc.  Now with the flourishing of the Zune Marketplace and the maturation of the Netflix service, video has become almost as much a part of Xbox 360 experience as gaming.  Zunetflix is my home for movie, TV, news, or whatever piques my interest in these regards.  My first post is my Netflix pic for you, the documentary motion picture, ‘Blood into Wine’.  Read on to find out more!

blood_into_wine-posterBlood Into Wine

2010 NR 99 minutes

This perceptive documentary tells the unusual tale of Maynard James Keenan, the hard-rocking, eccentric front man of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer who abruptly left Los Angeles in the mid-1990s to start a world-class vineyard in Arizona. Aided by wine guru Eric Glomski, Maynard tills the unlikely soil of the Verde Valley despite scoffing from wine snobs and rock fans. Will Maynard’s wine, named after his mother, pass the taste test?

I was first attracted to this movie due to its Mr. Show connections.  Maynard James Keenan, Tim and Eric, Patten Oswalt, and of course Bob Odenkirk are strongly tied to that beloved comedy family.  But beyond that initial attraction I found a fascinating look at a rock-star’s journey (Maynard J. Keenen) to escape to a simpler life more connected to the earth than the stars.  The high-desert of Northern Arizona sets as a stunning back drop to this story of pioneering wine-makers.  This movie makes me want to enjoy fine wines and visit Jerome, AZ!  Do yourself a favour and check this film out.  There is more to enjoy here then meets the eye!

Blood Into Wine




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