SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: The Walking Dead – Season 2

The zombies keep on a coming!


Fright Week is quickly becoming Zombie Week.  Reminds me of when back in the day on my blog when I used to do Zombie Action News.  Zombie Action News eventually morphed into Scare Tactics, a feature which would expand the focus from just zombies to other ‘scary’ genres and games.  As for Fright Week I am deviating from games for tonight and will put the spotlight on AMC’s television show hit, The Walking Dead, which had its second season premier a week and a half ago.


The second episode aired last Sunday, but I have only watched the first episode so far.  Drama and tension heats up as the group of survivors are quickly approaching a breaking point as they face divisions, losses, and mortal injuries.  How will they survive not only the zombie apocalypse, but their own personal demons?  I guess we will find that out as the season progresses.

I for one thought episode one laid some pretty decent groundwork for the season.  You van see the splits and tension build on many different fronts, giving the story-tellers several different avenues to explore.  Being familiar with the comic, I can see kind of where they are going, but they have proven to deviate quite wildly from that blueprint so who knows where they will wind up next.

I have voted with my dollars for Walking Dead, having bought every episode on the Zune Marketplace, so I hope that they will not disappoint, and I don’t expect they will.  Now I just have to find time away from the kids so my wife and I can catch up.

The Walking Dead – AMC



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