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The Sporto Reporto: 2K Sports – MLB 2K9

I used to love video baseball nearly as much as video hockey.  Back on my Commodore 64 I played the heck out of the Accolade classic, Hardball.  From their I went on to enjoy such great franchises as Bases Loaded, … Continue reading

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Get Your ‘Virtual-On’ On!

Here was a story that plucked my Sega-fanboy heart strings.  The other day I read on the Joystiq blog that Virtual On will be arriving on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace (no NA release date as of yet though. Actually, it … Continue reading

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Street Fighter IV Hype, Bitten by the Bug

  It is funny how I can get sucked into the hype.  A week ago I had no interest in buying Street Fighter IV, bit a few podcast, twitter feeds, and all-around hype later and I am the owner of … Continue reading

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The Sporto Reporto: 3 on 3 NHL Arcade

  I just finished a mini-review over at the Text Adventure blog on 3 on 3 NHL Arcade.  In brief, I really like it!  Click on the above link for the complete read. Most gamers enjoy a good sports game, … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST and Friends Present ‘Text Adventure’ Blog

I have had this idea on and off for some time now.  Xbox 360 is by far my passion in gaming and blogging.  Sometime I would like to write about other things in my gaming life.  Personally I have a … Continue reading

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I am fortunate enough in my line of work that I get every second Friday off.  The night that precedes this evening was coined ‘GHOST NIGHT’ by my friend TormentX (back then every night was TORMENTX NIGHT).  It has been … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: F.E.A.R. Files – Extraction Point

  Living in FearCompleted the Extraction Point campaign. Gamerscore = 60    Acquired 9/2/2009 Just in time for the release of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin I completed the first F.E.A.R. expansion, Extraction Point, which is found on the F.E.A.R. Files … Continue reading

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