Get Your ‘Virtual-On’ On!

votemjinHere was a story that plucked my Sega-fanboy heart strings.  The other day I read on the Joystiq blog that Virtual On will be arriving on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace (no NA release date as of yet though.

Actually, it is not the Saturn or Arcade versions coming to XBLA, rather it is a port of the Dreamcast classic, Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram (probably the best name for a game ever, well at least the longest.  Take that Legendary: The Box).  I was definitely a big fan of the Saturn original. It was a unique fighter that incorporated huge robots/mechs battling in one on one action.  Often you would be firing your weapons from afar, but once in a while you could get in close and work your opponent over melee style.  For a game designed for twin stick play, the Saturn version played remarkably well with its controller set up, the tough part with the game is when you took on an opponent you had to play split screen, that made for some cramped quarters.  The art style for this series was also second to none, I even went as so far to order models based on the in-game characters.  While they looked cool they were actually quite junky and fragile.


Years later I acquired the Dreamcast version.  While it was a beautiful game and a complete upgrade over the Saturn version, I really noticed the absence  of twin-stick technology.  While Sega created a proprietary control for the title, they were extremely rare and expensive. You were better off acquiring Steel Battalion at that point.  I still had my share of kicks with the DC version, but not to the extent of the Saturn one.  Probably more so due to the fact that I played more multiplayer with that version.

And that is why I am super excited for the VOOT on the 360.  Firstly the twin-stick situation will be remedied by the fact that twin sticks is today’s controller standard.  Secondly, there is the opportunity to include online play!  Let us hope that Sega does not neglect the fact that will be the way the VOOT fans will want to play!  Personally, I will buy it anyway because I am a fan.

EDIT: Online…Confirmed!

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram – Wikipedia




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