SUPERGHOST and Friends Present ‘Text Adventure’ Blog

blogger-logoI have had this idea on and off for some time now.  Xbox 360 is by far my passion in gaming and blogging.  Sometime I would like to write about other things in my gaming life.  Personally I have a huge retro gaming collection as well as some other gaming things kicking around my house that I would like to talk about, but with my currant blog being 360-centric, I didn’t want to muddle up that experience.

Enter the Text Adventure blog!  Text Adventure explores the past, present, and future of games through the eyes of three long-time gamers who are myself, Schuey F1, and TormentX.  Though our focus is still the Xbox 360,  we will be branching off and writing about other consoles, handhelds, retro-gaming, board games, Zune and iPod and more! I am very excited to see what my writing-mates will bring to the table!  They have very rich gaming backgrounds as well.

Fear not friends, I will not be abandoning The Haunted House.  This blog is my baby and I will continue to bring my exclusive 360 ramblings as much as time allows.  At worst you will see some overlap between the two sites.

So please check out Text Adventure, subscribe, leave content, and interact with us.  See you here…and there!

Text Adventure



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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