360 X-Press: Mid-Winter Edition

The post-Christmas gaming lull is almost over as we gear up for a mid-Winter gaming explosion!  So before I get slammed with games I have been taking the time to get acquainted with games in my collection that have needed some play.  So lets see what I have to X-Press this edition.


Burnout Paradise:  It has been great getting back to Paradise City!  I have scammed a couple more achievements, found some billboards, jumps, and set some times/Road Rules.  Now the game also has changed again with some tweaks that freshen the pallet, so if you haven’t been to Paradise recently, you may want to download the new pack and take the game for a spin to see what is new.


F.E.A.R. Files: After completing F.E.A.R. I slid right into FF.  While on the surface it may look the exact same it definitely has an overall different feel to it.  To me it doesn’t feel as tight design wise as the original did, still I am enjoying it.  It is a great stop-gap game for the upcoming release for the true sequel…


Releases This Week:  This week two of the onslaught games hit the shelf, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin and Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.  Both of these titles I am very excited for.  I especially think I will really be sucked into F2’s world.  Also, I really look forward to the beginning of the Phantasy Star series!

I know I have been all over these games in previous posts, but they do bear repeating.  Next week will be a busy one!



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