The Sporto Reporto: 3 on 3 NHL Arcade


I just finished a mini-review over at the Text Adventure blog on 3 on 3 NHL Arcade.  In brief, I really like it!  Click on the above link for the complete read.

Most gamers enjoy a good sports game, also most enjoy a good competition, 3 on 3 comes through on both!  I am a huge fan of NHL 09 and have played a ton of game of it this season already, but most of my focus there has been on the super-excellent ‘Be a Pro’ mode.  I have put in very little versus action there.  That is why I am stoked for 3 on 3.  For the low, low price of 800 points you can jump right in to all the action!  Already a have some friends online and I look forward to showing them what hockey is all about!


Today while playing 3 on 3 I had the distinct pleasure of taking on Todd ‘Don’t like Defense’ Zuniga (pictured in the middle, sorta) famous of The Sports Game Guy’s Sports Anomaly podcast.  We played a couple of hard fought games.  Being pretty evenly matched we each took one.  It is a great feeling when you are playing a sports game and both players are on the same page of ability (ok, maybe I was a little better).  Until next time Todd, you better play it safe!

So if you are curious, download the demo and give the game a spin, It will bring you over the boards it will.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade, Hockey Arcade Game | EA Sports



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