Mission Acomplished: Operation Anchorage

Operation Anchorage 

Operation: Anchorage
Completed "Operation: Anchorage"

Gamerscore = 40   Acquired 8/2/2009

Usually I reserve the ‘Mission Acomplished’ post for when I finish the campaign in a game.  For this edition I am a using it for the downloadable expansion for Fallout 3, Operation Anchorage.

If you have read anything about Operation Anchorage you will know that the two main tenants of this DLC pack is that it a.) plays like a shooter rather than the scrounge-fest that is the main game.  that is mostly because of the fact that b.) that you are SPOILER…..playing in a simulation.

Overall the DLC pack may take about 3-4 of gameplay so it is not overly too taxing.  So why the 800 point price tag?  I think the achievement points that are easily earned as well as the kick-ass weapons and armour you will earn at the end  are worth the price of admission alone.  So if you are looking for a little change of scenery from post-apocolyptic Washington D.C., why not pay cyborg-Palin a visit in beautiful war-torn Alaska!

Fallout: Welcome to the Official Site



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