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PGR3: Style Pack

Project Gotham Racing 3 The content continues to flow for PGR3 owners.  Soon we will get our hands on the Style Pack.  Here is the list of cars that will be included in this pack priced to move at 400 … Continue reading

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360 X-Press #19: The PAX Edition

Penny Arcade Expo Fellow bloggers and games have done a great job recently building community, writing articles, gaming, pod-cating, and all sorts of activties in order to tighten our community as much as possible.  Just recently my group of friends … Continue reading

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Phantasy Star Universe: Story

Source: PSO-World The stage is the Gurhal Star System, which consists of three planets. Each planet has its own unique culture that is formed by its inhabitant races. The history of the Gurhal Star System is filled with conflicts amongst … Continue reading

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CHROMEHOUNDS: Bring Your Wallet

Was just listening to themost recent "The 1-Up Show" and they were discussing CHROMEHOUNDS.  Apparently there will be A LOT to purchase items through the Live Marketplace, so just a little FYI.   -SG

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That Was Quick: Psychonauts 360 Bound!

Raz, Psychonauts protagonist In what is believed to be as a result of Tim Schafer’s email campaign, is looks as if we will see Psychnauts on the 360 in the near future.  One of Microsoft’s BackCompat Ninjas was quoted as … Continue reading

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Prey for Achievments

3D Realms has released what achiements can be earned in there soon to be released FPS, Prey.  Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect:   44 total achievements Single player points total: 655 Multiplayer points total: 250 … Continue reading

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The ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War: Part 2

Dom, from Gears of War Eric Nylund is probably best known to Xbox fans as the author of the great Halo novels: The Fall of Reach and First Strike.  Eric also has a new Halo novel coming out very soon. … Continue reading

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