PGR3: Style Pack


Project Gotham Racing 3

The content continues to flow for PGR3 owners.  Soon we will get our hands on the Style Pack.  Here is the list of cars that will be included in this pack priced to move at 400 points.  Here is what we can expect:

  • 365 GTB4 ("Daytona")
  • BMW M3 CSL
  • BMW M6
  • BMW Z8
  • Chrysler Firepower Concept
  • Ferrari 430 Challenge
  • Gumpert Apollo Coupe 4.2 V8
  • Mercedes CLK DTM AMG
  • Pagani Zonda F
  • RUF R.K. Spyder
  • Vanwall GPR V12

Game modes that expect to be winth the download include:

  • Cat and Mouse
  • Proximity Based Racing

Still waiting for official confirmation, but expect this to be in the line up!




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5 Responses to PGR3: Style Pack

  1. Brad says:

    sweet mother of mary. I’ll finally be able to play the stupid cat & mouse crap you guys have been talking about.

  2. Aaron says:

    Watch ur mouth BD when talking about cat and mouse ..(jk).. anyway they can keep all those cars but the Mini Cooper(worthe the 400 pionts alone in my book)…..Bring on cat and mouse

  3. Adam W says:

    im looking forward to the RUF spyder, hope its as sweet ast the RUF from the last download.  wtf is proximity based racing

  4. Joe says:

    I have been getting into PGR3 lately, so I most likely will get this DLC. Thanks for the update.

  5. Joe says:

    I played my first game of cat and mouse. I tried playing mouse and they had me pinned back and we lost the match. I need to get back out at try it again.

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