That Was Quick: Psychonauts 360 Bound!


Raz, Psychonauts protagonist

In what is believed to be as a result of Tim Schafer’s email campaign, is looks as if we will see Psychnauts on the 360 in the near future.  One of Microsoft’s BackCompat Ninjas was quoted as saying on the IGN boards:

"Rest assured, we are working on Psychonauts…There was, however, no timeline provided for the update"



Double Fine’s Tim Schafer

Well that is certanly some more good news.  Definatly will be nice to plug this title into my 360!


 UPDATE: "Even though we are working on Psychonauts, there is no guarantee we will ever be able to make the game backward compatible. We may run into technical limitations that will prevent us from ever shipping the game; we don’t know yet."  Sheeesh!  Make up your mind! 20-06-06



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1 Response to That Was Quick: Psychonauts 360 Bound!

  1. Aaron says:

    first of all there no reason for backwards compatiblity, theres a reason its called the next-gen  not the next gen and the last one. I damn Sony for making the PS2 B.C. because now everyone thinks its the thing to do . u want old games keep ur old system. U even said it urself Ghost its just to hard to go back to the old stuff , even the all mighty Halo2 isnt enough to drive me back to last gens games . So keep them all.. Psychonauts , Halo 2 and Barbies horse rach KEEP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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