Phantasy Star Universe: Story


Source: PSO-World

The stage is the Gurhal Star System, which consists of three planets. Each planet has its own unique culture that is formed by its inhabitant races.

The history of the Gurhal Star System is filled with conflicts amongst the different races. However, after the Final Conflict 100 years ago, a union was formed amongst the three planets. The led to the birth to the Allied Army, and ultimately to peace for the Gurhal Star System.

At this time, the 100th year anniversary of the Gurhal Star System Alliance is being celebrated. The main character, Ethan, and his sister, Lumia, were both enjoying the ceremony which featured the space fleet – the pride of the Allied Army. However, the fleet was destroyed one-by-one by an incoming meteor shower. Even the lands were enveloped in flames! In reality it wasn’t a meteor shower that caused the destruction. Instead, it was a space life form that would later be called SEED whose goal was to lead Gurhal to its destruction. Invasions occurred after SEED’s landing and soon darkness covered the land.

Even the Guardian Colony fell into panic when it was suddenly attacked by the mysterious lifeform. In the midst of the confusion, only Lumia remained in the rubble as the Guardians fell one by one. To save his sister, Ethan would borrow the strength of the Guardians and start out on his first life-or-death mission.


Next entry I will look at the races of thr Gurhal System.




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