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Grand Theft Auto: Just Around the Corner

  I was never sure I would be this excited for a GTA game.  I am late to the party as far as the series goes, but in my eyes I think I may be just in time.  Reviews are … Continue reading

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SG’s Clancy-verse: Vegas 2 “Mission Accomplished”

  This past weekend I made a point to finish my single-player campaign in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 before GTA IV hit the streets.  Now that I am done I am going to try and complete on the ‘Realistic’ skill … Continue reading

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Burnout is Back!

   With Burnout Paradise recently patched (we can all hear ourselves talk) it was a perfect time to get the boys together for a rip around Paradise City.  Friday night I played in my first 8-person room since I bought … Continue reading

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The ‘100 Hour’ Game

Personal Most Played Game: Phantasy Star Online Several weeks ago I asked TormentX what game could compel him to play a single game for 100 hours.  The reason I asked is because Torment, like myself and most gamers I know … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: Holy $#!^ an Achievement!

Killing Frenzy: Killed 10 enemies without dying in any ranked free for all playlist Gamerscore = 5  Acquired 4/20/2008 I thought I was done getting Halo 3 achievements, but I guess I was wrong.  This weekend I took part in … Continue reading

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Dark Sector…Dark Horse

A little history here.  I first mentioned Dark Sector in my blog way back on May 10, 2005.  Back then Dark Sector was one of the first games announced for next-gen systems and had this ‘Sam Fisher in space’ thing … Continue reading

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List Updates

    It has been a few months since I updated my lists section here on the blog.  Everything should be up to date now. The updates are as follows:   Notable Game Sites:   Forza Motorsport Criterion Games Rockstar … Continue reading

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Join the Club

  I joined Rockstar Games Social Club this evening.  What should have been a simple procedure got a little screwed up when I marked the varification email ‘unsafe’.  There was no way to recover, so I had to start again … Continue reading

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Mass Effect Origins

  Before Mass Effect, Before Xbox, when console gaming was in its infancy a game arrived on the personal computers of the day (DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64) that was remarkably similar to today’s great space opera.  Starflight had … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: Living Dead and Legendary Maps

Living Dead and Double XP   This past weekend I made my long awaited return to multiplayer Halo 3.  I was enticed by two things: Double XP and the Living Dead playlist.  I spent a few good hours soaking in … Continue reading

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