Halo Highlight Reel: Living Dead and Legendary Maps

Living Dead and Double XP


This past weekend I made my long awaited return to multiplayer Halo 3.  I was enticed by two things: Double XP and the Living Dead playlist.  I spent a few good hours soaking in the action!  For those who are unfamiliar with Living Dead, it is essentially an infection play mode where a few ‘Zombies’ lay siege to a fortified base attempting to infect the others and turn them into zombies until either all are turned or time runs out.  I had a lot of great fun, in particular I marvelled at the above map variant entitled Haunted Manor.  Imagine a lonely haunted house in the wild being overrun by the zombie hoard.  Good times!

Legendary Map Pack


The Legendary Map Pack was released today for 800 points, and while I have as of yet not had any hands-on time, I do plan on purchasing and taking the maps for a spin.  Now I all want to find is my free theme and McFarlane gamer pics (which I have yet to find).




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  1. Aaron says:

    Two guys, an unused domain, skype and a DREAM………

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