The ‘100 Hour’ Game


Personal Most Played Game: Phantasy Star Online

Several weeks ago I asked TormentX what game could compel him to play a single game for 100 hours.  The reason I asked is because Torment, like myself and most gamers I know is a ‘Transient’ gamer.  Now do not get me wrong, this is not a bad thing, it is simply the result of the fact that there are many great games that come out for the 360, and that is why our attach rate is sitting at 7.5 units per system.  Every month a must play game comes out, often it is a game that can be completed in 10 or so hours.  Game gets beat, game gets traded for the next ‘must-play’, the cycle continues.  Personally though, I long for a game that has such a draw that it will keep me playing, engaged, and entertained for this ‘100 hours’ of play.  In the past PSO (pictured above) locked me in for several months and several hundred hours with its addictive leveling system and online-coop.  That was last generation, this generation I have one game that has surpassed the ‘100 hour’ plateau.  In the next sections I will look at the games I presently own that are at or could be ‘100 hour’ games as well as what I feel will be guarenteed ‘100 hour’ games that are being released this year!


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

While no game I presently own has locked me in steady and built up quicky to a ‘100 hour’ point, most have been a slow burn over many months to achieve serious playtime.  Here is a list of the games in my collection that have or have promise of ‘gaming legs’:

  • The Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion: The only game in my collection that I know that I have clocked over 100+ hours of game time (over two seperate playthroughs).  While it took me nearly two years to complete the main storyline, there is probably still a couple of hundred hours of game play yet to be had.  I always said this game I will play over the life span of the system, and it is definatly looking to be true.
  • Forza Motorsport 2: A late bloomer, I have been back putting some serious hours back into the game.  My goal is to complete the career, if I can acomplish that , I will surpass 100 hours of game play.
  • Halo 3: After some serious hours of gaming off the start, H3 cooled off during the Call of Duty 4 period.  Now I find myself coming back to multiplayer as well as playing with my son.  I will creep over the century mark…someday
  • Mass Effect: RPG. 30 hours in, maybe half way through the game, 2 playthroughs.  I will get there.
  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Kind of a dark horse, but I do love the game and feel I can put some serious time into it.  We will see what happens.


The Future…

Now what might slow down the above from getting more playtime is the upcoming games this year that look to be serious time hogs.  I think most will agree that we can almost guarentee that these games will beat the century mark:

  • Grand Theft Auto IV: On its way to a game store near you, GTAIV will lock in the masses hardcore for months on end with its super-fun sandbox game play.  Now with a multitude of mutiplayer modes not much more needs to be said here.  GTAIV will own you.
  • Fable 2:  While the Fable adventures can be played quickly, The side quests, co-op, and purchasing aspects of this game can keep you locked in on nearly an Oblivion-esque scale.  Money, money, money!
  • Too Human: The spiritual succesor to PSO, Too Human’s leveling and loot-drops will keep you in the game.  You want 4-player co-op?  We got that too.  The first part of the trilolgy and one of my most anticipated games of the year
  • Fallout 3: Will out Oblivion Oblivion. 500+ endings, post apocolyptic world, choices, and improved combat.
  • Gears of War 2:  More co-op, more chainsaws, More, more, more!

Wow!  I definatly have my work cut out for me for 2008 and beyond, and these are just the BIG games.  There is always a smatering of XBLA games or little games that come out of nowhere to capture your attention.  It is great to be a 360 owner, and I think I have just detailed a little bit of why that is.  What games will you play for 100 hours?




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2 Responses to The ‘100 Hour’ Game

  1. Aaron says:

    GTA & TOO HUMAN………200 hours

  2. I says:

    Fable Fable Fable…woo hoo!  Luckily this game should come out right around the time of my maternity leave, double woo hoo!

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