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SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of XBOX: Where’s the posts?

This sucks! April has been a busier month than usual for myself.  As a result my gaming has taken a back seat for a bit, and with that so has my blogging.  I think I have managed only 4 or … Continue reading

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Now Playing: Trials Evolution

The evolution of fun and addictive gameplay! No Problemo – Pass the D License Test and get your first bike. Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 18/04/2012 From the beginning when Trials Evolution belts out its amazing original but-rock/rap intro themes … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of XBOX Turns 7!

Lucky number 7! I am often amazed that I have been blogging for as long as I have.  I have even turned it up a notch over the last year and a half since Windows Spaces migrated to WordPress, the … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3: Getting the Galaxy Ready

Wave based co-op multiplayer with loot… score! Battle Scarred – Promote a multiplayer character to the Galaxy at War or import an ME3 character                                                                                 Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 01/04/2012 At first I think that I would not think much … Continue reading

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Bringing Halo Stats to a Close on

Bungie passes the final Halo baton… It is funny how you can have an emotional response to the migration of stats from service provider to another, but it is with a touch of sadness that Bungie final cord to the … Continue reading

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