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From the beginning when Trials Evolution belts out its amazing original but-rock/rap intro themes you would recognize immediately you were in for something special!  Where Trials HD, the best selling XBLA title of all time, set the standard for time attack and skilful gameplay in a field of ever increasing challenging levels, Trials Evolution takes all the original concepts, adds to them to the Nth degree,  and runs with then to new and unexpected places.  The addition of the level editor alone will give this game endless legs.


As popular as Trials HD was I found that the repetitive look of the levels took away from the experience.  This time the look and levels are only limited by your imagination thanks to the robust level editor.  I dream of crating a sweet haunted house or zombie apocalypse level.  The only thing is that the level creators as RedLynx have set such a high standard that it is difficult to imagine getting even close to their level of quality.

That being said I have played many very cool and interesting levels.  I have even downloaded a few community maps which  have been pretty neat as well.  The game also includes some unique skill challenges that incorporate some of the elements that show just how crazy level creation can get.  From skiing, to foosball, to First-person and ‘shump’ shooters, there is so much that can be done.  I am interested to see how the community responds.


Last but not least is the game’s multiplayer.  You and up to 3 friends can play local or online in a multitude of race tracks.  You can even create your own with the aforementioned level editor.  Like Halo: Reach and its forge crate limitless possibilities, so does Trials Evolution.  I personally like the Motocross race tracks where all are on the screen at once.  It puts you in the mind of Nintendo’s classic Excitebike.

There are a lot of games that allow you to compete against your friends for the best time, but there is something about the Trials series that make everyone ultra-competitive.  I predict a whole lot of swearing in my future, but I will be loving it!

RedLynx – Trials Evolution




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1 Response to Now Playing: Trials Evolution

  1. Eric says:

    I just bought this over the weekend and have already put in more than a few hours. So addictive. I loved Trials HD, but this just blows it out of the water. I can see myself playing this for a LONG time.

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