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Halo Highlight Reel: Real Highlights Edition

  It has certanly been a long while since I did a post on Halo.  Most of the reason is that I don’t have the opportunity to play it as much in the face of all the cool new games … Continue reading

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Why Buy the HD DVD Add On Now?

Now I will preface this post by saying I am a scavenger of sorts.  When hardware, software, etc goes on the cheap, you can often find me there.  But if you are not like me, but see a $50 HD … Continue reading

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Frontlines: Fuel of War

  I remember seeing a teaser trailer for this game a long time ago.  I thought the premise of an all-out oil war in the near future was interesting, but in the face of so many other great games I … Continue reading

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Fable 2: Mo Money, Mo Money,Mo Money!

    Peter Molyneux looking to deliver on his ambition of the original Fable in it sequal, Fable 2.  We have already seen the dog companion and the contextual combat, Now Peter has dropped some bombs that he has described … Continue reading

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The Boys are Back! Gears of War 2 – November ’08!

  One of the worst kept secrets of this years GDC was the announcement of Gears of War 2, exclusivly on the Xbox 360 platform this November!  Gears was one of my pesonal favorites for campaign play and was an instant … Continue reading

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Left 4 Dead: Xbox 360 Exclusive!

Xbox 360 has the console exclusive for one of my most anticipated titles of the year, Left 4 Dead (game also set to appear on PC).  Being in the zombie craze I have been as of late, I am very excited … Continue reading

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Small Arms… Big Heart

  No, I am not talking about TormentX, I am actually talking about the Xbox Live Arcade title.  Small Arms came out over a year ago, it was also recently relaunched as an Arcade Hits title for the reduced price of 400 … Continue reading

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With word on the street that Toshiba will be pulling it’s support of the HD-DVD format, the latest format war looks to be over with Blue Ray its winner.  I don’t regret purchasing my HD-DVD player, at the time the … Continue reading

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Have you Scene It?

Just in time for the Oscars! Gamerbuddy Flyin Hive (Dan Schiller) has posted his review of Xbox 360 party game Scene It?.  Click this LINK to check out his review @  Is Scene It? worth it?  Find out… -SG

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Splinter Cell Memories

I took some time last night to sort through some of games.  I picked up Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory in my hand and realized it has been a while since I had played one of these great titles from the … Continue reading

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