Frontlines: Fuel of War



I remember seeing a teaser trailer for this game a long time ago.  I thought the premise of an all-out oil war in the near future was interesting, but in the face of so many other great games I quickly put it out of my mind never to think of it again.

Often, Major Nelson’s has interviews with game creators and the like on his podcasts, and often they arose curiusity in the games they speak about.  This past week Major interviewed Frank DeLise, a member of the team that created F:FoW.  The interview really caught my attention. Later that evening I downloaded the multiplayer demo that is available in the marketplace. I proceeded to play and enjoy the heck out of game!  So much so I am seriously considering a purchase.

Huge maps, tons of vehicles, weapons, dedicated servers, user controlled drones, 32 players, JETS and HELICOPTERS! Frontlines has snuck up on me.  Has it snuck up on you?



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