Why Buy the HD DVD Add On Now?


Now I will preface this post by saying I am a scavenger of sorts.  When hardware, software, etc goes on the cheap, you can often find me there.  But if you are not like me, but see a $50 HD DVD player staring you in the face at the local store (I got mine for $45 at EB Games), you may ask your self "Should I buy this?".  I say yes, and there are a few good reasons why:


  • Xbox 360 Media remote included: The SRP on the remote is $40, so if you have yet to purchase one, why not get the one bundled in with the HD DVD player.  It also doubles as a universal remote, it could be the only remote you ever need.  The remote is just shy of the player itself
  • HD DVD Movies: Movies are great in HD, so why not enjoy a few great HD movies on the cheap.  Such notables as The Transformers, The Bourne Trilogy, 300, Blade Runner, and The Matrix Trilogy can be had for a song.  Over 400 movies are available.  The Xbox add on includes Peter Jackson’s King Kong, so that w/ the remote, you are already ahead of the game.
  • 360 As a Movie Player: Save wear and tear on your 360 by playing all your movies exclusivly through your HD DVD player.  With 360’s that are HDMI enabled you can also enjoy the upscaling feature for your current DVD library.

Obviously, buying the add on is not a great move for the long run as the format is now officially dead with only a few more movies trickling out.  But in the short term a lot of enjoyment can be had for a few dollars.  So if my argument has compelled you, get out there quick while you can still find one.



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  1. Aaron says:

    Word Yo !

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