Fable 2: Mo Money, Mo Money,Mo Money!

Peter Molyneux looking to deliver on his ambition of the original Fable in it sequal, Fable 2.  We have already seen the dog companion and the contextual combat, Now Peter has dropped some bombs that he has described as "Cool":
  • Parlor games earn you money, but they are also going to be playable via the Xbox Live Arcade! The money earned from your gamblings can be ported into your Fable 2 campaign!
  • Want to be a woman, be a women!  But beware, you may have to carry a baby if you are knocked up.
  • Jump in, Jump out co-op.  Bring your character into your buddies Fable game.  Together is better (unless your partner offs your family)!

Another ine of my highly anticipated games, 2008 is shapping up to be pretty crazy!



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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