With word on the street that Toshiba will be pulling it’s support of the HD-DVD format, the latest format war looks to be over with Blue Ray its winner.  I don’t regret purchasing my HD-DVD player, at the time the format war had the potential to go either way or possibly both could coexisist.  In the wake of these upcoming events I will likely buy up all the HD movies that interest me, in fact starting tonight with Dawn if the Dead and Land of the Dead!  As for Blue Ray, at this time I will be in no particular rush for its movie player.  When I purchase my 1080p TV of my dreams I will pick up a shinny Samsung Blue Ray player to go along with it.  If Microsoft comes out with a Blur Ray add on, perhaps it will be sooner.  If you enjoy movies at there finest, HD is the way to go, and it looks as Blue Ray will be the way (as long as you buy at retail stores, see Netflix and Micrsoft’s video marketplace, etc…).



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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1 Response to HD DVD R.I.P

  1. Aaron says:

    sva 50% at the clearance sale

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