X-Press #5: The Green Album

Once again it is time to X-Press myself on the goings on in the land of XBOX.  We are in the early days of summer and one can see the game makers almost going into a heat-induced hibernation as the games trickle on to the XBOX.  Now with the release of Conker: Live and Reloaded, it signifies the last first-party XBOX game to be released as Microsoft begins their big push for the 360 launch this November.  Now for the show:

  • I disturbing trend I have notice in the Xbox news sites and blogs that I frequent is the abnormal amount of news that comes out from our compition’s next generation plans.  Enough of Kutagari’s (whetever his name is) PS3 boasts and BS, and Nintendo’s revolutionary step backwards to DL old games.  If I want to read news from Sony or Nintendo, I will go to multi-platform sites or their exclusive sites.  Stop plugging up XBOX sites with non-XBOX material.  SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House don’t play that!  There shall be no news but XBOX news here and that is my promise! See my tag line “All XBOX, all the time!”  (Edit: This stance has changed a bit if you are a current reader – SG 5/2/11)
  • I finally unlocked all the costumes in Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate this week!  Once I did that a CG gallery, DOA3 Booster Pack, and short DOA history by G4 was unlocked.  Nothing like a little warmup for Dead or Alive 4 coming soon to a 360 near you.
  • Played an entire game of Worms 3D this week and it didn’t crash while playing on LIVE.  Might have to get this game into the rotation.
  • Got some of my GamerFriends into a little Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow co-op action.  Clancy games keep on paying with great on and offline gaming action.  If you never played a RB6 game, do yourself a favor and pick up Black Arrow.  Dirt cheep, great game modes, and co-op make it a no-brainer
  • Any word on ANY football game out of 2K’s Visual Concepts development house?  I would rather play a 2K football with no-names than a liscenced Madden.  You can’t keep a good game engine down.  Madden is not on my radar…
  • …but would give a liscenced Areana Football game a look. (I know, stick to my guns)
  • If you have been putting in long hours in Forza recently, plug in Rallisport Challenge 2 for a real eye-opener.

And that is my week in gaming so far.  I will leave you with a cliff-hanger this week.  “Will SUPERGHOST purchase Conker this week?  Stay Tuned, same bat-time, same bat-address.”

– SG


I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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1 Response to X-Press #5: The Green Album

  1. Aaron says:

    there is still no reason to sell forza short, its still the best racer on xbox to date

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