Halo Highlight Reel: Past, Present, and Future

Bungie is about to pass the flaming helmet to 343 Industries…

Long Rocket…

Poppin' & Lockin'Poppin’ & Lockin’ – Noble 1: Destroyed a vehicle using Armor Lock in a matchmade game      Gamerscore = 25   unlocked on 16/12/2010

While my Halo Reach play has dropped considerably since the new year, my interest in the franchise certainly has not.  In fact, business is about to pick up considerably since the two newly announced Halo projects from E3 2011 as well as a personal Halo project which I will discuss later in the post.  Also July 7, 2011 will mark the passing of the ‘Halo’ from its developer, Bungie, to its new Microsoft home with 343 Industries.  I will expand on that as well.  Now it wouldn’t be a HHR without a Halo clip.  The above is my most recent work,  While not overly spectacular, I do enjoy a long range kill, especially with a rocket!  Now on with the reel.


Bungie vs. The World, One Last Halo Humpday:  As part of the passing of the torch on 7.7.11, Bungie is taking its legendary ‘Steaktacular’ medal to epic proportions:

On Bungie Day, we’ll descend into a specially crafted playlist and defend our title as reigning champs. This year, there’s more than pride on the line. Defeat any of our four-player teams by 20 or more kills, and we’ll mail you a certified Grade-A steak while supplies last

You can click on the above link for full details, but I decided to post on this for two reasons.  It sounds like a fun time, and it really is one of the last Bungie events for its Halo universe.  It is bitter-sweet for me to see this happen.  I am sad to see Bungie move on from the franchise, but excited to see what they do next.  I do know that the franchise is in good hands at 343, perhaps they can infuse some new energy into Halo.  We will see how that unfolds over the next 18 months.


Halo – Combat Evolved Anniversary:   This winter we will be graced with the originally Halo: CE, re-skinned for the next generation of consoles.  Also included will be the Halo: Reach multiplayer suite and several new multiplayer maps.  I am excited to play a graphically improved Halo complete with achievements!  I am also looking forward to playing the game cooperatively with my son.  This game will be out in a scant 5 months and I can hardly wait!  Bring on the Flood!


Halo 4:  The continuing story of Master Chief will continue in the Fall of 2012.  Announced at the Microsoft Presser at E3 2011 we were treated to a teaser trailer that picks up where we last left our heroes at the Legendary end of Halo 3.  With Halo 4 and Halo: CE remake the next two Halo projects we know that after a couple of side-stories, we are firmly make in the hands of the Master Chief!  I will be very interested to see where the new Halo brain trust takes us next.


Halo 2 (PC):  I was happy to discover today when I put my Halo 2 disc in my laptop that the game magically came back to life after several failed attempts last year.  I guess the write patch or whatnot came along and fixes it right up.  What I like about this is that with the upcoming arrival of the Halo anniversary project and with Halo 2 once again functioning I can earn achievements for completing every campaign in every Halo game!  I just have to decide when I will tackle this one.  I wouldn’t mind doing it in order, but with my time the way it is, that may not be possible.

There is certainly a lot of Halo to look forward to, but in the here an now there is a lot of quality Reach time to be had.  I need to keep my chops up for the new maps when they arrive this holiday.

Halo Waypoint





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