Gears of War 2: Analyzing the Trailer

‘Roadie Run’ to Gears 2

Followers of this blog (all three of you) over the years will know that I have had a close eye on the development of the first Gears of War.  From its announcement at E3 2005, to its release and beyond I have read, wrote, and played all that I could.  Now with the announcement of its inevitable sequel at this years GDC conference, its time to get back on the ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War 2.  This week I am going to have a look at the released teaser trailer, toss out a few theories, and a little of what we know.

Red Dawn

goty-art-pack-3 How does a prequal for Gears of War 2 sound?  While it may sound unusual, it makes perfect sense.  So much of the past was just brushed over in the first game such as Marcus Fenix’s trial in the House of Sovereigns, the battle at Aspho Fields, Adam Fenix’s research, and much more.  While it has been a long standing idea that the next Gears game take a step back and visit the past, a couple of elements of the trailer lead me to believe that it possibly could be the case:

  • "They are all dead Sarge": Heard by a random soldier in the background, to me it sounds as though it could be a remembrance of the past, before Marcus was imprisoned for 4 years  for leaving his military post to aid his father.
  • "If something happens to me…find Maria": Dom is forever searching for his lost wife, Maria.  Was this communicated to Marcus during a past battle?  I like to think so.  Clearly Dom is loyal to his old buddy, after all who let him out of prison?

Certainly nothing conclusive, and I have my doubts that it will end up being a prequal, but if it does, you will know where you saw it first.

The Duel

gears_of_war_brumak The other big moment from the trailer was the clash of the Lancers between Marcus and a Locust.  Two things that I have speculated from this scene:

  • The ‘Clash of the Lancers’ is the new ‘Active Reload’: Probably the most revolutionary part of Gears was the ‘active reload’, so you know they will want to one-up that element, so not unlike the hand-to-hand moments in Call of Duty 3, I suspect the weapons clash will appear as some sort of mini-game
  • Finish Him!: Like the way the Locust was finished off at the end of the trailer, why not have Epic take a page from the Mortal Kombat series with different finishing manoeuvres.  Again the curb-stomp got the public’s attention, are they going to one-up themselves in the finishing moves department?

These theories of mine are a little further out there…or are they?

It Never Ends…


More will be revealed over the coming months with I will believe will culminate in a huge splash at E3.  What has been leaked is that console gamers will finally be able to battle the Brumak as well as a deeper, more involving, storyline (which would be perfectly set in prequal land).  I think it will be given that multiplayer will be given a huge overhaul.  Personally, my wishlist starts with team matchmaking and ends with dedicated servers (goodbye host shotty), I strongly suspect one of those wishes will come true.  Check back over the next several months for more on Gears as it breaks.  In the meantime, I will be playing through GoW on co-op once again.




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