360 X-Press: The Easter Egg Edition


Egg Seeker
Find any hidden easter egg.

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Well, this title is decieving.  I am not revealing any gaming easter eggs (you know, this hidden nuggets progamers hide within the program that adds there little personal touch to their creations). Rather it is the fact that Easter Sunday is just a week away.  But before that happens I have a few things to X-Press this week, so here we go:

Condemned 2 Bites Hand That Feeds It

Condemned 2

The other day I mentioned that C2B was probably my most anticipated seaqel on the 360, and that has not changed.  As of right now though, my present gaming mood is has me not wanting to play the game too badly.  I have at present decide to shelf the game for an undetermined amount of time, maybe a day, maybe a year.  Condemned 2 will have its time, guarenteed.  Right now it is time for games like RB6: Vegas 2, GTA IV, and Mass Effect to shine.



I was able to complete all the new co-op missions in GRAW 2 today.  I found that they were a lot of fun, but definatly no walk in the park.  Even though I have acwuired all of the achievements, I still want to go back and play them with my friends.  GRAW 2 is just that damn good!

Gears Again

Gears Crew

Once again on the co-op tangent, I started playing through Gears once again, this time with my brother, XBONK.  I love playing this game on co-op, this will be my fifth time through, and I will relish every minute of it!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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One Response to 360 X-Press: The Easter Egg Edition

  1. Adam W says:

    just make sure you dont let condemed 2 end  up like SH4 or we will call it condemed 2: the bloodshot room

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