Today: GTA IV Goodies and SUPERGHOST Takes a Break


While limited editions are all the rage in the video game industry, it looks like Rockstar is looking to up the ante beyond the cat-helmet.  When you purchase Grand Theft Auto IV: Limited Edition you will recieve the following: A duffel bag (perfect for carrying mounds of ill-gotten cash), A safty deposit-style lock box (for hiding the info to access the duffel bag), a book of some sort (art?), and soundtrack.  Whew! That is a load of fun, the only thing missing is the loaded hand gun, prostitute, and car-trunk.

On that note I will be taking a few days off from the blogesphere, when I return I hope to have the new season of SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of XBOX laid out for your reading pleasure!  Stay tuned!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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4 Responses to Today: GTA IV Goodies and SUPERGHOST Takes a Break

  1. Aaron says:

    ur sure to missed by most ……….. ah

  2. I says:

    That’s a lot of sweet GTA schwag!  See you when you get back!

  3. Sean R. says:

    That is a lot of stuff and not a bad price really.  Enjoy the break and see ya when you return.  

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