Halo Highlight Reel: Sun Sets on Halo 3 Beta


It will be a few months before I bubble-shield again…

It was May 11 when I received my Friends and Family invite to play Halo 3.  Now today is June 9th, and after 200 games I am retiring from the beta with a little over a day remaining.  In about a months worth a play on the beta I played approximatly a third of the amount of the games I played in Halo 2.  I comittited myself to the beta, and I have come away very pleased with what Bungie has shown, and I also believe a bit better of a Halo player.

Though only a beta there was a signficant amount of stats recorded and ranks to gain.  Here is how I stacked up in the end:

  • Rank: Gunnery Sergeant – Grade 1
  • Total RP: 71
  • Highest Skill: 15
  • Games: 200
  • Total Kills: 1685
  • Total Deaths: 1789
  • Kill/Death Ratio: 0.9419
  • Total Assists: 837

I am pretty happy with my K/D ratio.  Not being a great FPS player, I always shoot for a 50/50 ratio.  I started the beta off pretty slow, but as time went on I would consistantly wind up in the plus.  The beta was a great treat for the fans from Bungie, thanks again to them.  For now I syill have a summer of Halo ahead: comics, campaign, books, Mountain Dew.  Check back cause before you know it we will finally see how the world ends.

One of my Halo-buddies, Jayshum, has one of the hottest H3 vids going right now.  Want to get really high?  Take a Banshee into outer space!  Good work Jay!

That’s all for this week, no more beta to talk about so what to talk about next?  The GamePro H3 cover?  The Brute Chopper?  New H2 maps?  Halo 2 PC?  Halo HeroClix? (wtf)…See next time in the HHH!



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1 Response to Halo Highlight Reel: Sun Sets on Halo 3 Beta

  1. Aaron says:

    I thought the worlds end was Jack Sparrow not Master Chief

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