500th Achievement!!! Featuring Gears of War


Time to Remember
Recover one-third of the COG tags (on any difficulty)


Yesterday I had the opportunity to place my 500th achivement, so knowing I needed just one more COG Tag to earn this one I went about my way of securing it.  As the 360 nears its first year in the marketplace it is fun to look back and track your acomplishments in your games via the Gamerscore.  It is a minigame itself over the gaming populace to see how you rate as a gamer.  It is nice to see developers now putting in more thought into how and what achievments can be earned.

For me, Gamerscores have pushed me to play games in ways that I normally would not even attempt.  My favorite example is GRAW.  Had it not been for the gamerscore points, I likley would not have attempted to complete the game on hard.  I found that playing the game on hard offered a much more satisfying experience.

In conclusion, I am not a ‘Gamerscore Whore’, but I do persue achievments if it means I can extend the fun of a title.  And more often than not it does.  Now to pick up some more of those Gears of War achievements!!!



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  1. Aaron says:

    Whore …..lol

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