The ‘Other’ Game This Week…


Call of Duty 3

Stopped by my local E B Games today and they informed me that CoD3 will be in their store tommorow!  Now I will take that info with a grain of salt, but seeing is how Gears is due here Wednesday, it would be nice to get a little jump on CoD3!



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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5 Responses to The ‘Other’ Game This Week…

  1. Aaron says:

    Glad to see that u finally gave Viva Pinata a push on ur blog , its about time ………….. geez

  2. I says:

    COD3 is unfortunately on the backburner for me…too many aliens and pinatas to deal with at the moment.  :P

  3. Sean R. says:

    COD3 is awesome.  Nice to see Canadians finally being shown some love in the games. 

  4. Eric says:

    I haven’t cracked open my COD3, but then my kids have been hogging the xbox for pinata time. My daughter and I were up last night WAAAY past her bedtime last night. I really need to get some GOW in.

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