Halo 3 Cometh! Enter the Camper!


Clockwise From Top Left: TormentX, CAtraingbra, Memnoch444, TormentX’s ‘flamboyant’ twin, Rican Havoc

Nearly two years ago and TormentX and Rican Haovoc had a 19 hour camp session which netted each a coveted 360!  You can read Torment’s account HERE.

Fast forward nearly 2 years later and you can find these two along with gamer-chum Memnoch444 at it again, this time it is for Halo 3!  While the wait isn’t nearly as long, they will be out front for 4-5 hours before the store opens.  That is quite a haul!  Fortunatly it is not November so they shouldn’t be as cold or wet.

I myself may head out a couple of hours beforehand, more out of boredom than needing to be there too early.  There will be some draws, freebies, and maybe a visit from Master Chief himself*!  One I get home I will decide if I am going to start campaign that night, I would like to at least tackle the first mission.  Come Tuesday morning, the gloves will be off and it will be all Halo 3 campaign!  Good times!  See all y’all online, I will be in yur base, steelin’ yur flagg!


(*Master Chief will not be appearing) 



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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1 Response to Halo 3 Cometh! Enter the Camper!

  1. Aaron says:

    With more then 250 people at my EB Games store getting there abiut 9pm was well worth getting the game only 15 mins after the launch . A good times was had by all ! 

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