Up Next: Silent Hill HD Collection

Something wicked this way comes…


After several days away I am back in the really-real world…only to launch myself back into the unreal nightmare that is the town of Silent Hill.  Silent Hill is one of my favourite gaming franchises of all time, especially the early work, especially Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams.  Because I was not a PS2 gamer back in the day I never had the opportunity to play Silent Hill 3, but eventually purchased a PS2 and a copy of the game in hopes to one day play it.  In the end it was all for not as Konami decided to bring out Silent Hill 2 and 3 in HD on the Xbox 360!


When I caught wind that this two pack was coming out I decided to hold off on playing these classics in favour of their HD updates.  Silent Hill 2 is one of my favourite games of all time so it will be great to revisit that adventure.  One of the few games to have a genuine emotional impact on me.  It will also be cool to finally play Silent Hill 3, one of my very few regrets of the PS2 era.

Silent Hill: Downpour recently hit the stores as well.  While I want to play it, I don’t $60 want to play it.  I will be waiting for a price drop on that one.  No matter, I have a ton of great Silent Hill in front of me to creep me out!

Silent Hill HD Collection



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