Middle-aged Wasteland

From the ashes, from inXile, the father of Fallout!


I was fifteen years old when the classic PC role-playing game Wasteland entered into my gaming lexicon.  I was already well into computer role-playing games at this time by cutting my teeth on such games as Questron and the Ultima series.  I was later introduced to Origin systems CaRPG, Autoduel,  which was Mad Max meets America’s post apocalypse meets the Ultima series.  Fresh off this experience I discovered that there was more to do in the American wastes.  

Brian Fargo, creator of The Bard’s Tale gaming series decided to move away from fantasy and into the American post-apocalyptic wastes with the creation of the infamous RPG, Wasteland.  Wasteland took parts of the over-world exploration as seen in the Ultima series at that time and combined it with Fargo’s combat system of random battles and menu systems as seen in his The Bard’s Tale games.  He then sprinkled in choices and permanent consequences for your decisions in the game, so much so that your choices would overwrite the data on the disk, there was no return from your actions.  A bold and unique time for this period in gaming history.


I am sad to say that when I was playing Wasteland in my youth that I did not get too far into the game.  The difficulty and my inexperience for this style of gaming meant it for a quick demise from my wheelhouse at the time.  It did not dissuade me from these types of games or this genre, at least not completely.  I would eventually come back in a big way to RPGs later in my game career, and without realizing it until later, Wasteland would have a huge influence on my gaming without directly realizing it bringing my Wasteland experience full circle.


Earlier I mentioned Brian Fargo, the original creator of the aforementioned Wasteland.  A few years later Fargo would go onto create Fallout, a post nuclear war, post-apocalyptic RPG which took a lot of the ideas and concepts from the original Wasteland, but bring them forward with a slightly different take on this world.  With the success of Fallout sequels were released.  Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics were released as follow-ups with later a Fallout 3 in the planning stages.  Fallout 3 was well into development when Interplay, the series’ publisher, ran into extreme financial duress and sold the rights to the series and game to Bethesda.


Bethesda would go onto re-launching the Fallout franchise with two major releases to date: Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.  Bethesda’s Fallout 3 used elements of the previously created universe but scrapped Interplay’s Fallout 3 in favour of their own project starting from scratch.  Fallout has once again become a huge hit on the strength of Bethesda’s mastery of the open-world RPG concept and it has also become one my favourite gaming series of this generation and one of my favourites of all time.  Who would have thought that ground-breaking RPG I purchased back in the late 80s would manifest itself into one of my most beloved games and franchises.  With Fallout a runaway success why not consider a relaunch for the father of the franchise?  That is what Brian Fargo has been thinking of for  years, and with the success of recent Kickstarter projects, there has been no better time to strike on a Wasteland relaunch.


Wasteland 2 is officially a go.  Mere days after the the game’s Kickstarter went live the game reached its funding level.  Now excess funds will go to making Wasteland 2 an even better game.  I will me Kicking in for this project as well.  I am looking forward to having a boxed copy of Wasteland 2 next to the original.

Gaming and its development take interesting journeys, but few are as longstanding or as interesting as the Wasteland/Fallout story, I did not even get into the Fallout MMO saga.  This story is a long way from over, but I do look forward to reporting on the progress of Wasteland 2 as well as any new news that may pop up on the next Fallout game.  I have even considered a return to the original Wasteland on my Commodore 64! Stay tuned to the Haunted House for more on the post-apocalyptic wastes!

Wasteland 2 – inXile entertainment



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