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The long awaited conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy is finally here.  It has been an interesting ride these past 5 years.  Mass Effect was a big move for BioWare, moving past the successful Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic franchise and into their own sci-fi universe of their creation.  It was a bold gamble, even bolder when you consider that decision made in the first game would carry over and effect the story and circumstances throughout the trilogy.  This time of connection was unheard of, especially on game consoles.  Though early in the adventure of Mass Effect 3 I am already seeing the ripple effect of my action from the previous games, and I am sure those consequences will be more pronounced as the game goes on.


Where Mass Effect 3 has lost its way in space exploration (in my opinion) over the series, it has improved in its combat.  At this point Mass Effect is an extremely capable shooter, especially for an RPG.  Fans of action games and first-person shooters I believe will enjoy the melding of gun/magic combat with the RPG elements.  Even Sheppard’s melee combat has been ramped up.

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, the space exploration has took a real hit.  What I loved about the first Mass Effect was its Starflight-esque planet exploration.  Mass Effect 2 took away much of the ‘boots on the ground’ exploration in favour of a scan-and-mine scenario from orbit.  ME3 has taken this one step worse with a spam-and-scan from the solar system level.  By far this is the most disappointing part of the game for me.

An exciting edition s the use of the Kinect sensor to supplement your controls.  I have dabbled with this during conversations, it works fairly well.  I want to use it more with the combat and squad-mates, but I think I need a little more practice there.  Kinect does make Mass Effect 3 better.


While space exploration appears to be on the outs, Mass Effect 3 sports the rise of the co-op multiplayer.  I was not so sure about this mode when announced, but after playing the Galaxy at War I really enjoy it.  Playing and succeeding in this mode will have a positive ‘effect’ on the events within the main campaign, so it is definitely worth your while to explore and exploit this mode.  While there are a handful of maps and enemies, it is still exciting to earn money for unlocks for your player.  It even gives you the opportunity to spend your real-world money to customize your character and earn rare weapons and components (this could be a slippery slope).

 I am excited for what Mass Effect 3 will have in store for me over the next several weeks.  I also fully expect some DLC to extend the experience.  What will be the fate of the Galaxy?  I will be playing on to find out.

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