Halo Highlight Reel: Halo to the Chief Edition

Halo 4 details emerge…


This past week at Microsoft’s Showcase we got some of our first real looks at what Halo 4 will look like. and from my observations, it will be a Halo game.  It will be Halo game, but it looks like 343 Industries funnelled in a healthy dose of steroids into their game.  The Chief’s model looks gorgeous, and the lighting is spectacular, and from what of the game in motion they gave us a glimpse of, the animations and fluidity of motion  are set to knock our socks off.  The Call of Duty series has raised the bar for all FPS’s, but Halo has always kind of held its own spot in the minds and hearts of gamers, I suspect 343 wants to get hold of that number 1 spot once again.


I am enjoying the new look armour for the Master Chief.  It looks more sleek, more Japanese-influenced than previous models.  It reminds me of early prototypes that you can find in the early Halo art books.  343 say they want a more agile Chief, not just a lumbering battle tank, and from what they have showed they are certainly on their way there.  It reminds me of elements of fiction we have saw for the Spartans in other formats and games.  Watch Halo: Legends or Halo Wars cut-scenes to see how a Spartan can move.


Most of what we saw during 343’s ViDoc (available at Halo Waypoint) was Multiplayer for Halo 4.  We glimpse two maps, Wraparound and Warhouse, which we also see with scads of Spartan IV’s running around them (and yes I said Spartan IV, this is our first glipse of the newest version of Spartan technology).  Halo: Reach for the most part featured Spartan IIIs, and Master Chief is a Spartan II.  How are these Spartans developed?  I suspect we will learn more over the next year (perhaps the novel Glasslands will hint to something).

With Halo 4 due out this Holiday it will be a long haul to get there, but when I do it will be all Halo, all the time!

Halo 4 Halo Official Site



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