Mission Accomplished: The Gunstringer

Hang ‘em high…by a string!


Took a Bullet for the Team

Took a Bullet for the Team – Took down a bunch of the developers

Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 04/03/2012

Out of all the Kinect games I have played so far (and i have played a few), The Gunstringer may be the one I enjoyed the most.  Those familiar with The Gunstringer will know that it a rail-shooter of sorts, but controlled entirely with the Kinect.  One hand moves your marionette while the other you lock-on to your targets and flick your wrist in order to shoot.  While most Kinect games are light on the ‘game’ part, The Gunstringer is a fully realized game with medals, scores, achievements, and the rest of it.  It also supports multiplayer co-op as well!

The Gunstringer tells the tale of an old west marionette coming back from the dead  to avenge his death my sending his old gang members back from whence he came.  This tale of vengeance is brought to you with some of the best comic styling that video games have to offer.  Twisted Pixel, the game’s developers’ are some of video games best comical developers, plus they produce fun games as well.  The Gunstringer, in my opinion, is their finest game to date, and it seems to have gone the most part unappreciated, which is a shame.


Physically, even though you can play Gunstringer sitting down, it can be pretty demanding on the old arms.  I could usually play the game for 20 to 30 minutes intervals before I would want to take a break.  In that time though I would earn 2 or three achievements.  I love a game that doles out the achievements on a regular basis.

Twisted Pixel did not rest when the game was finished either, loads of extras, videos, and two significant expansions will increase the longevity of this title.  The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles in particular is something that needs to be experienced to be believed that this type of content can exist in this day and age.


The Gunstinger is proof that the Kinect can work, work well, and offer core gamers an experience that they could not get anywhere else.  The fact that I saw this game through to is conclusion should say something to its quality.  So good it is that I think I will need to play through it again so I can earn many of those stray achievements I left hanging.  If you have a Kinect, give The Gunstringer a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The Gunstringer



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